Lincoln Nautilus

If you have been struggling to find your new family vehicle recently, we know how we can help. Our dealership, Penske Lincoln, is offering an online way for you to sign papers on a new Lincoln Nautilus lease! We understand if you feel much more comfortable filling out paperwork from home and having our staff members drop off your new car. You will be able to choose the model you want from our interactive website. One of our most popular daily vehicles is the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus. This is a model that combines luxury with the performance and practicality you need.


You will be able to discover an impressive amount of power, efficiency, and quietness that you haven’t seen before. It’s all thanks to the available Twin-Turbocharged 2.7 Liter V6 engine. This is ready for any of the roads you take, no matter how rough the terrain. It delivers 335 horsepower (hp) and 380 lb-ft of torque for you. While creating the Lincoln Nautilus SUV, our engineers were mindful of the fuel efficiency this model would have. That shows because it does get an astounding amount of miles per gallon. They also wanted to think about sound. Designing it to be remarkably quiet was quite the challenge, but we knew our customers would love to have peace of mind for family road trips.


Lincoln Nautilus SUV

When it comes to the interior, there is an ultra level of comfort seats with Active Motive. Active Motion creates a massage functionality with a wide range of adjustability in the Lincoln Nautilus for sale. There are power thigh extenders and eleven independent air cushions, seven of which offer massage. These seats can help in decreasing muscle fatigue, aches, and pains while riding. You can also enjoy the music you love with the available 13-speaker Revel Audio System. There is a second option for a 19-speaker Revel Ultima Audio System; it’s up to you. Either way, there are three specified listening modes; Stereo, Audience, and Onstage. They will let you customize your listening experience for an awe-inspiring performance every time.


In the Lincoln Nautilus SUV, you will find a panoramic roof that spans both rows! This allows for abundant sunshine or a refreshing breeze if you open it fully. The front panel is powered to opening and closing easy, and even includes a sunshade to keep the interior cool and comfortable. Another technology feature that we added to the Lincoln Nautilus deals was the hands-free liftgate. If you have your keys in your possession, a quick kick under the rear bumper will activate liftgate. This will make loading and unloading your luggage a breeze!


If you want to know about one other impressive feature that was added to the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus, there is one. Our technicians were able to create an Enhanced Active Park Assist. This feature makes getting in and out of tight parking spaces very easy. You are still in control of the shifter buttons, brake, and accelerator, but let Enhanced Active Park Assist and Park Out Assist help. It will make easy work out of all kinds of parking scenarios!

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