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Lincoln Aviator

If you are looking for a family vehicle that will make your spirits soar, come look at our selection of new Lincoln’s. You can come to Penske Lincoln in La Mesa, CA, to find a family SUV model that will suit your needs. We wanted to take this time to introduce to you a new 2020 vehicle as to the Lincoln dealer near you. Elevating luxury to new heights is the 2020 Lincoln Aviator. This is a popular family car pick because it was built with families in mind. It has everything you need for vacations, holidays, and regular use. The main two things that customers love is that it gets excellent gas mileage while the Lincoln Aviator interior still has room and style. The gas mileage comes from the Lincoln Aviator motor, known as a Twin-Turbocharged 3.0 Liter V6 engine. It creates 400 horsepower (hp) and 415 lb-ft of torque to create a smooth ride.


There are some first-to-market technology features that we want you to know about as well. You can feel a next-level kind of luxury from this Lincoln Aviator for sale. The Aviator represents many first technology additions for Lincoln. This includes Pixel LED Headlamps, a Revel Ultima 3D Audio System, as well as Speed Sign Recognition, and these are just a few of the additions! One feature that we know you’ll love is the Phone As A Key. This means, with a few simple steps via the Lincoln Way™ app, you can program your smartphone to act as a key to your Lincoln Aviator! That seems pretty incredible, right? You will be able to unlock, lock, and start your vehicle from anywhere!


Lincoln Aviator for Sale

There are a few other features we thought you would like to know before you choose this vehicle as to the right one for you. This new Aviator model seats seven passengers with room to spare for luggage and extra entertainment for long road trips. Speaking of road trips, it’s important to know that the engine is not the only piece of machinery that makes the road feel so smooth. Lincoln has introduced a Four-Corner Air Glide Suspension that replaces the industry’s traditional hard coil springs with air bladders. This kind of air bladder is creating the sensation of riding on air.


You can easily find yourself in a position to ask about Lincoln Aviator lease deals since you know so much about this SUV. However, some people want to drive and experience a car for themselves, and that is still possible! You will be able to test the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus technologies and second-row seat configurations. The Co-Pilot360 program was designed to help you relax while you drive your family to and from daily stops as well as the big adventures. You can do more research on the collection of driver-assist systems that are all aimed at one thing, a better journey. The Lincoln Aviator for sale offers a selection of second-row configurations. It has captain’s chairs with or without a console, or you can set up the seating for seven people, made possible by a second-row bench seat!

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