Used Lincoln Nautilus

You deserve a luxurious automobile. Lincoln used cars are among the most luxurious out there. Skip over the new dealer fees and new car fees and get a higher trim this year when you shop Penske Lincoln, a dealership for used cars in La Mesa. Lincoln also has a wonderful CPO program that gives you additional assurances on your pre-owned vehicles.

Lincoln CPO

Certified pre-owned vehicles are more lightly used and feature perks available from the Lincoln brand. Like all luxury models, Lincoln believes in VIP treatment for their customers. CPO buyers enjoy:

{C}?     {C}Communication lines with Lincoln Client Relationship Center

?     Complimentary car wash

{C}?     {C}Models still under warranty come with a complimentary loaner car

Lincoln Used Cars in La Mesa

CPO vehicles come with a few extra perks, but every used vehicle we sell here at Penske Lincoln comes with a full inspection by certified auto mechanics, a lifeline to our auto service center, available roadside assistance, and quality assurances such as extended warranties (some vehicles, not all). When you shop with us, you are working with a sales team that personalizes your experience and makes you feel part of the family here.

Buying from used car dealerships with Lincoln means buying from a brand that helped to make the luxury automobile a staple of American roads. Long ago before vehicles were even really accepted on roads, the idea of a "luxury car" wasn't a common occurrence. Lincoln is one of the brands that changed all that. They made luxury a hallmark of American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Our fleet of La Mesa used cars comes with all the fringe benefits of buying a used vehicle. In addition to getting a road-tested and strong automobile, you'll also enjoy:

{C}?     {C}Reduced insurance rates (in most cases)

?     Lower car taxes

?     Access to more versatile designs

?     Access to discontinued trims that you loved in the past

?     Classics

{C}?     {C}Slower depreciation

Extra Assurances

Buying a Lincoln used car also nets you some big benefits in terms of knowing that the model is going to be dependable and what you're buying. Thanks to our fully-inspected inventory of used models, you can know you're buying a vehicle that was inspected by a mechanic. This means confirmation of the condition and a more confident buy.

We have excellent extended warranties that you can explore if you believe in getting some insurance for maintenance and repair. A free service that reveals more about your vehicle's condition is the free vehicle history report. You can look at who owned the model in the past, make sure the title is clear, and find out when the model was repaired or received maintenance. This is completely free to research here at our dealership.

Buy at Penske Lincoln

Our customers or potential customers are always welcome to call us for more information about our outstanding inventory. If you're just here to window shop, we invite you to look over our online inventory any time. It's here for you.           


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