Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned

When you have an appetite for life's finer things, driving a luxury car is an absolute must. Imagine how much your daily commute would improve behind the wheel of an elegant and prestigious Lincoln car. Nothing can compare to the sublime experience of operating a car created for those who love the art of driving. Of all the objects that you own, what do you use more frequently than your vehicle? Upgrading to a high-end model is a simple way to enhance every facet of your life - it will bring you joy each time you turn the ignition. If you have been considering purchasing a Lincoln, have you thought about looking for a Lincoln certified pre-owned car? Customers in the market for a pre-owned vehicle will be doing themselves a favor to consider buying Lincoln certified pre-owned. A Lincoln certified pre-owned car is the perfect compromise between the value of a car and the exceptional amenities of a new model. The Lincoln certified pre-owned program is the manufacturer's way to vouch for the quality of particular cars. Lincoln CPO cars are sold with an included suite of warranty benefits typically reserved for new car purchases. Our luxury car dealership in La Mesa, CA, is proud to offer our valued customers a special inventory of these Lincoln certified pre-owned cars. Penske Lincoln's selection of Lincoln certified cars is considered to be the most comprehensive in the area. We carry an impressive array of popular Lincoln models that have qualified for the Lincoln CPO program. But what exactly does it take for a car to become Lincoln certified?

What is a Certified Vehicle?

Lincoln is incredibly selective about the vehicles chosen for CPO consideration. Not every Lincoln will qualify to become a Lincoln certified pre-owned car. To begin, there is an ironclad age maximum for cars to even be considered for certification. Vehicles exceeding six years of age are immediately disqualified from consideration. Another factor in determining a vehicle's eligibility for the Lincoln certified pre-owned program is the odometer. If a vehicle has 60,000 miles or more on its odometer, it will not be eligible for certification. Lincoln only considers well cared-for models for their esteemed certified pre-owned program. After a vehicle has met the initial requirements, it will be eligible for our 200 point CPO inspection. This extensive inspection is designed to cover every facet and nuance of the vehicle, looking for any potential issues. An expert Lincoln certified auto technician will perform every part of the CPO inspection. You won't need to worry about any amateur technicians being involved in this inspection. The Lincoln CPO inspection begins with the vehicle's history. A VIN inspection and vehicle history report are obtained to ensure there are no problems or title issues. You'll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what your certified pre-owned luxury vehicle has been through! Next, the vehicle will be taken on a road test. This segment of the inspection is designed to reveal how the vehicle performs. It covers everything from making sure that the engine idles properly, to ensure that the amount of wind noise is normal. 

After the road test, the Lincoln certified pre-owned inspection will next cover the exterior of the vehicle. The body panels and bumpers will be examined for any signs of damage. The inspecting technician will check the alignment of the doors, hood, tailgate, and decklid. All of the hinges on the exterior, including the hood, will be inspected to ensure that they are properly functioning. The grille, trim, and roof of the vehicle will also be examined for any damage, as well as the glass, exterior mirrors, and all lights. Next, the entire interior will be meticulously inspected. This encompasses everything from airbags and safety belts to all interior amenities. The heating and cooling systems are tested, as well as all audio and electronics. The seats and carpet are reviewed for potential damage, along with the windows and door locks. After the interior of the vehicle has been scrutinized, the inspection will next cover everything under the hood. Fluids, engine systems, cooling systems, fuel pumps, and the electrical systems will all be covered. Once the underhood has been examined, the inspection turns to the underbody to inspect the frame, transmission, wheels, and brakes. If everything is up to Lincoln's standards, the car will be eligible for the Lincoln certified pre-owned program. If any problems, defects, or damage is discovered during the inspection, it will be resolved immediately. Our technicians will repair any issues or replace any questionable parts prior to the vehicle being offered for sale. Because the Lincoln certified pre-owned program is so selective, many Lincolns will not qualify. 

Additional Benefits

As you can tell from reading about the details of the Lincoln certified pre-owned inspection, the Lincoln CPO program is discerning. Lincoln certified pre-owned cars include an exceptional package of warranty benefits. These certified pre-owned luxury vehicles include a 6 year / 100,000-mile comprehensive warranty coverage. You'll also enjoy 24-hour roadside assistance with your comprehensive warranty. Are you drawn to the appeal of receiving such a generous warranty with the purchase of your car? If so, you'll want to visit our car dealership in La Mesa, CA. Penske Lincoln boasts a fine selection of these coveted certified Lincoln cars. If you are shopping for a specific style, like a certified pre-owned luxury SUV, you'll love the variety available at Penske Lincoln. We offer choices that are sure to appeal to a diverse array of customers. Lincoln is known for crafting a lineup of exquisite luxury vehicles for their broad customer base. Whether you are shopping for a sedan with exceptional amenities or a certified pre-owned luxury SUV, you'll find what you are looking for at Penske Lincoln. Visit our California Lincoln dealership during our convenient hours of operation, or browse from home on our website. If you have any questions regarding the Lincoln certified pre-owned program or our available CPO models, please contact our sales team. Penske Lincoln looks forward to working with you and helping you find the ideal certified pre-owned Lincoln for your lifestyle.